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What are the seasons like?

The seasons are much warmer than the majority of the continent that the refugees arrived from. It isn’t uncommon for it to snow only a couple times each winter (although both mountain rages have a more permanent snow cap). The spring brings heavy rain across the continent with little to no warning before torrential downpours. Summers are hot and dry, slowly transforming into a windy fall that sees a vibrant alteration in the coloration of the landscape.

How Long ago were guns invented?

The first primitive firearm blasted its way onto the battlefield 160 years ago, a decade before the exodus. It’s arrival reignited a slowly dying war machine and was a principle reason for the departure.

What were the names of the colony ships?

A small fleet of refugees made the voyage to what they would come to know as DawnHaven, but the centerpieces of the fleet were four massive colony ships. The ship launched from the Kaladim Dominion was The Indomitable captained by Ragnus the Red. The ships launched from Prezier were the Longevity and Prosperity, captained by Julius Cook and Cameron Anders respectively. The final ship was from Aemariim, the Horizon under the command of Merienna Elminsel.

What do the coins look like in the Alliance?

Gold coins have one of the four captain’s profile on one side, and their ship’s emblem on the reverse. Silver coins have a stylized dawn on one side, and a moon set against a field of stars on the reverse. Copper coins have a mountain with a crossed hammer and pick on one face and one of the Eightfold Divinity’s holy symbol on the other.

Do members of the Alliance use the old calendar or did they start over?

They use the same structure of days, weeks, and months, but they started the year counter over when they landed. it is currently the year 150 AE (After Exodus)

What is the Mer Incogna?

Besides Bad Latin? The Mer Incogna is the massive ocean that surrounds DawnHaven and the Stormwall encircling it.

Can the Stormwall be seen from the shores of DawnHaven?

Not all of the shores, no. There are a few points that can see the tops of the clouds however.

Are they any old sailor’s curses that invoke the Stormwall?

Many. Old and new. The profanity of the seaman is as fluid as the waters they yell at.

How long had the War of Three Metals been fought when the Exodus happened?

34 years.

What is the literacy rate in both factions?

It is very common for a citizen of either empire to be able to read and write their languages.

Grab Bag #1

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