Frontier Dreams

Interlude: Strong Foundations

In Which Groundwork is Laid

The lumber merchant shielded his eyes against the midday sun. In the distance he could just barely make out his destination. Sitting back down on the wagon’s bench he encouraged the stubborn oxen to resume their pace. First thing he was going to do with the profit from this sale was get a younger pair not so defiant. And possibly a grill. Strike that, he thought. Definitely a grill. He’d certainly be able to afford it. The representative from the Rentyllian estate that he normally dealt with had given him a fair bonus for transport. He had only ever sold his timber near Cape hope, but they had insisted on transport to this remote site.

Approaching the final hill, he was clearly not the only one they had contracted, and not the first to arrive either. Logs were neatly stacked and supplemental planks organized nearby. Two figures were arguing near the supplies looking at a map. One had a sword on their hip, the other had a saw on their belt. He chuckled to himself imagining a duel between them for leadership. They only briefly paused their heated debate to sign off on his delivery and direct him to the storage area. From what he caught, it was something about security concerns versus function.

Much later after the last log was unloaded, he was relaxing and wiping the sweat from his brow. He had to admit that the place had a certain beauty to it. The thin inlet to the sea was bright and clear, though too shallow for cargo boats to come directly. With a little work he wouldn’t be surprised to see this crossroad outpost become a serious hub in years to come. He certainly hoped so anyway. Expansion was always good business for a lumber merchant. As he began the long trip home, he saw them laying out the finishing touches on the sign, some sort of bird he guessed.



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