The lush canopies of the great eastern forest are home to the Vanarans. The thick entanglement of branches the span the area are easily navigated by the agile climbers. Far from reclusive, Vanarans are quite curious and out-going. They do not, however, venture outside the safety of the forest very often. A Vanaran in a city, Alliance or Mahi-Tahi, is a rarity.

They are primarily concentrated in the boughs of the titanic tree, Tane Mahuta. They do not have any dwellings on the forest floor, instead choosing the safety and light available in the tree tops. Supported by tree trunks and larger branches, communities are connected by ropes and pathways that those who were not born without a supreme sense of balance would find nauseating.

Vanarans live a relatively simply life. They collect a wide variety of fruit from the diverse trees, and spend their time swinging from vine to vine. Whether it is due to stress, diet, or some other factor, Vanarans that spend extended periods of time away from their forest and people start to show physical symptoms. Their fur will become patchy after increased shedding, and their eyes bloodshot from sleep deprivation.

Visitors to the forest are often met by Vanarans literally dropping in on their guests. As long as they don’t show any obvious hostile intent, they are welcome to wander the forest as they please. Invaders quickly find themselves under a barrage of spears and arrows, often coated with poison produced by the forest’s tree frogs.


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