The Elven Tradgedy

When the ships first rendezvoused off the coast of the great continent, the fleet organized itself around the four massive colony ships. Spirits were low as their homeland sunk below the horizon, but the comradery of the journey saw a steady increase in morale day by day. This persisted until the storm wall finally loomed. They had all heard the stories of the terrible waters, but to see it firsthand was a sobering event. Of course they had chosen as many captains as available that had experience near the turbulent water, but none had ever undertaken a journey of this magnitude, let alone with this many ships.

The elven ship Horizon lead the formation as the ships cautiously entered the tumultuous waters. Immediately the journey transformed from an exercise in allegiance to a desperate struggle for survival. Ships were tossed about and powerful winds made any form of organized sailing tremendously difficult. Seeing that something had to be done, Captain Merienna Elminsel gathered together all of the magical practitioners on her ship. From archmage to hedge witch, every ounce of their mystical energy was united in a ritual that has not before or since been equaled in scope. They fashioned a magical envelope that encompassed the fleet, protecting them from the worst of the weather and limiting the waters to merely dangerous patterns. This necessitated the ships to remain much tighter together, and many lashed themselves to one another to stay in position and prevent damage.

Whether the ritual acted as a lightning rod due to some unforeseen arcane interaction, or the stormwall had some agency to its fury and put effort into maintaining the barrier is unclear. But as the fleet pressed deeper the barrage upon the shield increased in intensity. Weaker casters began to succumb to the effort of their task, but before a decision to reduce the area was made, citizens from nearby vessels volunteered their lives to maintain it. Due to racial and cultural tendencies, a high percentage of those who now safeguarded the fleet were of elven descent.

With no sign of the sun or landmark to track, progress was impossible to determine. As hope dwindled, many began to lament their fate. But as though paradise itself heard their cries, dawn’s first light suddenly shone in the distance, and renewed vigor coursed through the bodies of every sailor. As though to match this redoubled affront to its purpose, the fury of the storm wall increased to a frightening level. Merienna sent a message to the other captains in the fleet that simply said: “There is our future, there is freedom. We will open the way”

The Horizon suddenly pulled away from the fleet and the shield began to collapse to a single point, drawing all the fury to that ship as a lightning rod. The last sight of captain Elminsel through the telescope saw her turned to the fleet and saluting proudly. All at once the storm wall gathered together its combined fury and with a singular blast obliterated the vessel and every soul aboard. The cataclysmic event tore asunder a wound in the sky that briefly abated the energy of the storm wall. As the ships raced through it, many ranto the railings hoping for survivors, but only flotsam remained of the vessel. When the fleet turned back to sigh with relief to see the storm wall falling below the horizon, they could see the pathway opened by the sacrifice slowly closing.

Not long thereafter the feverishly excited cries of “Land-ho” rung out through the fleet, as the first piece of dry land in what felt like a lifetime appeared. Named cape hope by the fleet it meant that there was soon to be an end to their journey. Of course, in reality, it was only the beginning.

The Elven Tradgedy

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