The Eightfold Divinity

Of the three dominant religions in the Horizon Alliance, this faith originated in the old nation of Prezier, which was predominantly human in population but the most varied as it shared a border with both of the other superpowers. As a result, modern practitioners can be found among all races in the alliance. The Eightfold Divinity are the Eight Eternal Beings who defeated the Titans of Chaos, and built the world giving it structure and life. Their calendar (and the one that was adopted by the Alliance) has eight months, each named after one of the Divines

Erabnag: A being of darkness and dreams, he is hallowed in the first calendar month of Rabna. Erabnag is the writer of dreams, nightmares, portents, and visions. He is patron to playwrights, children, and wanderers.

Rettam: A being of warmth and bounty, he is hallowed in the second calendar month of Retembra. Rettam is the sower of soil and lifegiver to the earth. He is patron to farmers, explorers, and miners.

Vemir: A being of order and safety, he is hallowed in the third calendar month of Vemist. Vemir is the guardian of peace and the judge of the wicked. He is patron to soldiers, guardsmen, and fathers.

Pamaah: A being of love and kindness, she is hallowed in the fourth calendar month of Paman. Pamaah is the matron of the home and queen of reason. She is the patron to mothers, diplomats, and minstrels.

Murk: A being of strength and simplicity, it is hallowed in the fifth calendar month of Mure. Murk is the shaker of earth and shaper of mountains. It has no desire or heed for worshipers but still commands awe and respect. Mountaineers often pay lip service in the hope he will leave a way home for them.

Eloine: A being of mystery and change, she is hallowed in the sixth calendar month of Elory. Eloine is the answer to questions unasked and the shepherd of the waves. She is matron to all sailors and fisherman, and the great exodus was launched on the first of her month.

Sheror: A being of the hunt and patience, he is hallowed in the seventh calendar month of Erot. Sheror is the prowler in the night and maker of traps. He is the patron of hunters, inventors, and archaeologists.

Iksa: A being of change and death, she is hallowed in the eighth calendar month of Iksant. Iksa is the empress of the dead and herald of danger. She is one whom everyone respects but few are brave enough to follow.

The Eightfold Divinity

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