So You're Going to Die

Mortality, and the end that status implies, is no stranger to any civilization. The way in which a group treats their dead is very indicative of that society as a whole.

In the Mahi-Tahi, the dead are cremated if they lived a good life. Figures of great renown, heroism, or leadership have larger bonfires to honor their achievements. Bandits, criminals, ne’er-do-wells, and villains are simply cut into pieces and buried in the ground. Particularly heinous offenders are thrown out to sea to sink to the murky depths.

Wealthy families that worship the Aureatect have mausoleums to house thier lineage that one may enter for reverie and council. Less well to do families would have a reesrved plot of land with a family shrine.

Practitioners of Ulimora are buried in fertile soil with a plant above them. Sometimes a stout tree, sometimes a bed of flowers. The plant marks the body’s return to the life giving earth and transforms the vessel into a splendid piece of nature.

Within the Eightfold Divinity, bodies are treated comparably plainly. They are typically placed in a coffin, with a grave-marker or tombstone denoting several details of the individual. Important persons might have a more impressive headstone, or be buried in a unique location like a cliff, but this is a rarity, and many frontier towns have a grave tender regularly digging plots on the outskirts.

So You're Going to Die

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