So You're Dead

Mortality is the progenitor of a stark and pervasive terror. The idea that death might be the end is enough to move stoic men to shivers. As such, religions have ways to assuage the worries of men, guaranteeing that something awaits them after that dark and cold event.

The Mahi-Tahi worship MoeMare, and believe that within him burns the flame of creation. They, the stewards of the world in his absence, return to his embrace upon their death. The more fulfilling and true hearted a life the scalyfolk led, the brighter his soul will fuel the creation flame, and the more the great patron will be pleased with their achievements.

Under Ulimora’s elegant guidance, all souls, in fact all life, is ever moving; shifting from one form to another. When a person dies they briefly perceive the cycle in it’s entirety before her gentle touch remakes them and gives their new form life. If a person was wicked and selfish in their time they are reflected in their choices by spending a cycle in a more demeaning form. Perhaps a hunchback beggar, perhaps a cricket, perhaps a sickly weed depending on the severity of their sins. The righteous and good will live a better life for helping others in their previous one.

The Aureatect sits in his massive factorium, ceaselessly planning and tinkering with creation to meet the Plan. When a soul comes to him, he places their heart upon a scale, and weighs it against the elements, his base tools for the world. If the heart outweighs the elements the soul is refined by hard work and dedication, and is fit to join him fully in his great work. If the heart is light, it is impure and crude. The soul is broken down into the raw components of creation to serve as nothing more that material to suit his purpose.

Iksa is the maiden of the death in the EightFold Divinity. She waits, head bowed, for a departed soul to come to her. Without a word she escorts the soul to the Immaculate Chamber of the Eight. There the Divinity shows the soul all that it has accomplished in life, and all that it will be judged for. The worthy are escorted to the gates of Eternity where the golden loom spins the fate of every living thing. A robe is fashioned from a soul’s golden thread of fate and the soul is ushered into Eternity to enjoy rest and serenity. The wicked and unrighteus are pulled downward to the land of Torment where they suffer for their sins.

So You're Dead

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