So Death Didn't Stick

Death is supposed to be the end, but there are no absolutes in this world. The phenomenon commonly referred to as “Undeath” refers to any circumstance that sees agency restored to a once lifeless husk. Undeath is view very differently by many cultures, and before we examine the myriad undead that exist, we should explain their viewpoints.

In the faith of Ulimora, the undead are a vile abomination. They are a halting of the great cycle and have not moved on to be recreated. They particularly despise these creations and many clerics and holy persons are empowered by their goddess to see to their destruction.

MoeMare by right lays claim to all the souls of his children and those that selfishly depart from his embrace are seen as cowards and heretics in the eyes of his followers. To them, entering into the state of undeath is the ultimate act of weakness and fear. That so many undead share a weakness to fire is his ire reaching out from beyond the world to punish them.

The priests of the Aureatect in the old continent were often ambivalent towards the undead. Rumors persisted that certain less scrupulous holy men maintained an unliving workforce to excavate dangerous tunnels no living miner would enter. Whether or not those rumors were true, Aureatites on Dawn Haven are not know to raise the dead as cheap labor. They are keenly aware of the opinions of their companions and slowly have begun to adopt a similar apprehension to the creatures.

The EightFold Divinity sees undeath as the agency of chaos, seeking to undo their victory in the timeless past. Destruction of the undead is a worthy pursuit and is viewed highly favorably when a soul is judged at the end of its life.

There are many types of undead however, and each functions differently. The most common by a wide margin is the reanimated corpse of a deceased individual. These are the most pitiable of undead as so rarely is the choice to enter that state their own. Through dark ritual they have been denied rest, and are slaves to a terrible master. Absent that terrible influence, their confusion and anger at their state causes them to be universally violent towards the living.

Next are the incorporeal undead who have shed their physical form but not yet quit this world. They pass through the land on frigid winds no living man feels. More often these shades retain a fraction of their former selves and can on rare occasion even be communicated with.

Most vile and dangerous are the intelligent undead, whose state is solely their own doing. Their mind remains intact and they have new freedom to pursue what they had neither time nor reach to grasp in life. There are many examples of these dark individuals: vampyres, liches, decaying wizards, but all of them are danger incarnate and no friend to the living.

So Death Didn't Stick

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