MoeMare is the Dragon God of the Mahi-Tahi united tribes.

According to myth: MoeMare was flying over the world when it was young, to see all that there was and lay claim to what he wished. At the center of a harsh and endless desert, MoeMare spied upon the flame of creation and desired it above all other things. He snatched it up to hide it away, but the flame shone so brightly that many powerful demons easily found the hiding place. MoeMare could no longer soar freely as he was forced to constantly defend his treasure hoard. Stronger and stronger demons fought with MoeMare, and in a terrible battle he fought and defeated the demon king, Taniwah. MoeMare was severely wounded and realized the only safe place for the flame was himself. He consumed the flame, taking it into himself and becoming an avatar of it’s power. MoeMare created with the last of his strength the myriad races that walk the earth to steward it in his absence, and retreated beneath the mountain to slumber and heal his wounds.

The priesthood preaches that he stirs beneath the mesa in Kotahitanga, and is responsible for all the signs of volcanic activity in the area. His awakening is both welcomed and dreaded by the tribes, as his awakening heralds the dawn of the third age. It is unknown what will happen to the races of the world when such great and terrible powers again walk the earth.

The refugees of the Alliance are aware that the Mahi-Tahi worship a slumbering dragon god, but most have not put any effort into learning the finer points of it. The language barrier obscures many of the similarities, but as it has begun to break down, a few citizens have noted curious similarities between the demons that MoeMare destroyed and the titans the Eightfold Divinity defeated. MoeMare has no worshipers among the Alliance, and so far none of them have been allowed into the holy city of Kotahitanga

The walls of the mesa are etched with intricate and detailed carvings that detail the legend of MoeMare, and the history of the Mahi-Tahi. Throughout the Week of the Three as One, these carvings are repainted and touched up with luminescent dyes that cause the entire mesa to glow with history through the night.


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