Horizon Alliance

The Horizon Alliance was the small armada of refugees that fled the War of Three Metals on the mainland to bet everything they had on starting a new life someplace far away. Their descendants have made incredible headway carving out a niche for their civilization in this new and untamed land.

The Horizon Alliance is made of up races from all three of the old factions, united in their desire for peace. They are comprised of Elves*, Half-Elves, Humans, Gnomes, and Dwarves. There are increasingly few full blooded elves remaining, as their ship was lost when the fleet sailed through the StormWall.

The capital city of the Horizon Alliance is Trinity Bay, and is the only truly large city they have so far established. There are many nearby villages of varying size, and countless frontier towns spring up each year, albeit with uncertain longevity. The closer a settlement is to Trinity bay the safer and more connected by roads it is likely to be. As distance grows, so too does the danger. Roads become trails, and trails become paths. Monsters larger, stranger, and less afraid of man.

There is an unspoken perception of city-slickers from Trinity Bay as softer and more timid by the citizens that forego many of the comforts available there to live on the frontier.

Horizon Alliance

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