Grab Bag Numero The Second

Are there gods besides MoeMare in the Mahi-Tahi?

There might be scattered lesser deities here and there local to that region, or great figures / heroes of history worshiped as the children of MoeMare. These are tolerated by the faith, but any worship that surpasses MoeMare as the supreme deity is quickly stamped out. Cults are dealt very harshly with, and so must exist in utmost secrecy.

Is the Mahi-Tahi society a patriarchy?

No, far from it. The current War-Chief is female. Compared to the Horizon Alliance, the Mahi-Tahi are actually more gender indifferent. Males and Females are pretty equivalent in society, and most roles can be filled by either gender without friction.

Is inter-species romance Taboo?

Extremely, and in this regard the Mahi-Tahi are unlike the Horizon Alliance. It is not possible to produce viable offspring between Vishkanya / Wyvaran / Lizardfolk pairs. The instances where it has come to term produce a disfigured still birth bringing aggressive scrutiny upon the parents, and often exile.

Are there Vanaran suburbs / ghettos in the Mahi-Tahi?

No living areas are specifically dedicated to the Vanarans in the empire. There might be one or two in a village, but they do not exist in concentrated numbers outside the great forest and Tane Mahuta. Their relationship mirrors that of a vassal-state. They are mostly welcome to come and go, but they are turned away from Kotahitanga.

Does the shedding of blood have religious significance?

A majority of MoeMare rituals focus on fire and breath more than blood but certain ceremonies do involve it. Shedding blood does not “pollute” a holy place, unless it is the blood of an outsider.

Do the Mahi-Tahi Have a calendar?

Yes. It is a cyclical calendar based on measuring the rotation of the stars. (Think MesoAmerican calculations) For simplicity sake, we will be using the Horizon Alliance calendar for the regular passage of time in the campaign. Mahi Tahi citizens may reference their own calendar when asked however. (It’s under development, but it’s not a priority)

How do the Mahi-Tahi talk about MoeMare to outsiders?

With difficulty, due to the language barrier. Once that’s been overcome, proudly. He is a great and terrible being of immense power, wisdom, and age. And he created them in his image to steward the land until his return. Gender pronouns fluctuate, but more often than not MoeMare is referenced as male. Female (she) and non-gendered (it) pronouns work just as well.

Are spoils from Adventuring taxed?

In the Mahi-Tahi, you keep what you hunt. If a bandit laden with coins attacks you, his purse is yours upon his defeat. There is a standing request from several learned scholars for working firearms however.

How did Wyvarans (biologically) come to be?

If you believe orthodox scripture, by MoeMare’s hand. If you believe upstart scholars, from a distant hybrid ancestor of the three scaly peoples. If you believe the concessionists, by a hybrid created by MoeMare’s hand.

How Technologically developed are the Mahi-Tahi?

At first glance it’s easy to assume the Mahi Tahi are well behind the Horizon Alliance in terms of technology. In truth, this is not the case. They have not made the advances in gunpowder that the Alliance has, but that is the only true disparity. Technology is created to solve a problem or fill a need, and the Mahi-Tahi have that well in hand. They have a developed system of waterways, sewers, metalworking, and many other advancements that helped the empire flourish. And as to battlefield destruction, they never bothered to craft a cannon when a cabal of chanters can bring down a comet on their foes.

Grab Bag Numero The Second

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