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How do the Mahi-Tahi deal with the poisonous blood of the Viskanya? Are there special burial rights?
A Vishkanya is afforded equal honor upon death that a Wyvaran or Lizardfolk would be, the poisons in the blood do not transfer to the smoke creating a toxic miasma. Otherwise they deal with their neighbors having poisonous blood by not eating their neighbors.

How do legends depict MoeMare fighting?
As a great dragon, he embodied might and fury. He would rend enemies asunder with tooth and claw, incinerate them with inferno, or deafen them with a terrifying roar.

Is MoeMare an inherently magical creature?

Wyvarans can fly. Is this used in their skirmish tactics?
Yes, their mobility is a key advantage to their battlefield stategy.

Do the Mahi-Tahi eat their young?
No. Ew.

What level of Medicine exists in either Civilization?
With the ready availability and comparable speed of magical healing, traditional medicine has not made the advances otherwise expected. Splints, stitches, and other common medicaments are common knowledge, but convincing someone to spend months waiting for a disease to be cured via herbal medicine is difficult when a local holy man can wave his hand and be done with it.

Are members of either civilization assigned roles to fulfill upon birth? Coming of Age?
Generally, no. A citizen is free to choose what to do with their life. There might be expectations, certainly, due to family tradition or wealth, or place of birth. But no one going to be exiled because they didn’t grow up to be a fisherman like they were designated.

How does Wyvaran (or Lizardfolk / Vishkanya) mating work?
Behind a fade to a deep black. Probably lots of roaring and hissing though.

What outsiders exist? How do they come to DawnHaven?
The typical collection of extraplanar entities are present in usual amounts on their respective planes. Elementals, demons, angels, psychpomps, and so on. They arrive via magical transportation, either of their own will or a summoning spell.

Is there a formal record to the causes that triggered the War of Three Metals?
Many. Each country is quick to blame one or both of the others. And this far removed in time and distance, the Horizon Alliance is content to assume they were all at fault.

Do the Mahi-Tahi know about the Stormwall?
Yes. The fact that colonists from the other side came to Dawnhaven caused a not insignificant amount of shock through the empire.

Does the MahiMahi fish exist in this setting? Do the Mahi-Tahi eat MahiMahi?
Yes it exists, but they simply call it ika. The first time an Alliance citizen referred to it as that in their tongue caused comedic confusion.

Do you have any reference images that can serve as artistic baselines for the carving and hieroglyphic styles?
Not without feeling like I am copy / pasting and feeling especially unoriginal. Although there was one fertility idol used by a player found heredsc_4260.jpg

How long has Kotahitanga been settled?
Long enough that the nearly 1000 year old estimate should maybe be called a guess instead were that acceptable.

What do people in the Horizon Alliance do for fun?
Same things that the Mahi-tahi do in many ways. They drink, play games with dice or cards, go fishing, write songs, dance, court romance, paint, and so on. The Mahi-Tahi who are more curious than cautious are quite interested in learning card games from the Alliance, and have a plethora of dice and figurine based games to teach in exchange.

Are there any sports?
There are several sports played in the Horizon Alliance, but the most played one is Crush, a 6v6 team based game where each team tries to take 3 balls from one team’s base to theirs. The team with the most at the end of one hour is victorious. In the case of a tie, a ball is dropped into the center of the ring and a mad dash to bring it to your base ensues. Despite the name, the rules have evolved over the years and now, many athletes are still able to walk under their own power after a game, although a healer is kept on hand. A few of the Mahi Tahi have shown interest in the sport, but no Alliance team is jumping at the chance to play against them…

Maybe I should have made an independent sports page?
The sport of high profile in the Mahi-Tahi is Hupo. Teams consist of three pairs, one of each race. Each player has a curved scoop on a shaft used to pass a hard ball between one another. A hoop is suspended over the play area, and teams compete to see who can pass the ball through the hoop more often. The hoop is moved twice during the game time to keep strategies and game play fresh. Players may not come within 5 ft of the hoop, or the ball is automatically turned over to the other team.

Grab Bag Game is About to Start Desperation Lightning Round

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