Foreign Flora and Far-Fetched Fauna Ferried From Faraway Fields

Not knowing what inhospitable land they were sailing towards, the refugees of the Horizon Alliance magically preserved and stored a plethora of plants and animals to help adjust to the new world.

Lemons – A staple of the coastal regions, these yellow citrus fruits were vital to staving off seaborne disease, and adapted better than any other plant brought by the colonists to the new soil. Lemon farms are more plentiful near the coast where sailors swear by the healthy benefits of the fruit, but scattered trees can be found inland as the seeds spread. The Mahi Tahi are confused by the consumption of the fruit, finding the bitter taste vile and unpalatable.

Tobacco – Included without question in the cargo holds of the ships were plentiful supplies to start a new strain of tobacco, which many made a priority once fields were tilled. There were some who claimed that it was not up to snuff with the strains form the continent combined to create it, but it is currently the only option available and comparisons have long ceased. The Mahi-Tahi who have tried find the act of smoking extremely curious. The sensation it creates is enjoyable, but it dried out their mouths leading to a tell-tail smacking of the lips and tongue.

Horses – On the continent, there existed a wide variety of horses in many styles. Bringing only the necessities meant severely decreasing that variety in DawnHaven, and there are only a couple breeds of horses found in the Alliance. Their instrumental role played in transportation and exploration however, made them a key factor to the Alliance’s early expansion. The Mahi-Tahi are quite intrigued by this animal as they posses no mount that matches its speed. As a breed however, horses have shown to be extremely skittish around the scaly people making any trade and training of them difficult at best.

Pigs – Chosen as the staple food source for the journey over cows due to dietary and space considerations, pigs are plentiful in the outlying farms of the Alliance. Their meat is considered quite delicious by the Mahi-Tahi, and they are interested in learning how to raise the animal and the many ways of preparing the meat.

Chicken – Unoriginal poets joke that chickens were imported so colonists would know when it was morning. They serve as an alternative source of meat that take up less space and require less feed than pigs do and so smaller communities can still serve protein regularly. Plus their eggs remain a staple way to begin the day.

Rats – While they weren’t brought over intentionally, the persistent vermin stowed away all the same and quickly resumed their role as household annoyances in no time in DawnHaven. The Mahi-Tahi are least bothered by this rodent’s arrival as on the rare occasion some find their way into a scaly town they are simply eaten.

Cats – Originally brought as luxury pets certain passengers could not live without, they slowly became symbols of luck for ships. And once the rats infested the new world, the cats likewise resumed the role of population control with their usual mixture of feline viciousness and apathy. The Mahi-Tahi are slightly confused why these are not also a food source.

Parrots – Pigeons and gulls had great difficulty crossing the turbulent StormWall but Parrots were kept on the shoulders of several prominent sailors, including the Elven archmage . Finding the tropical climate especially well suited to their tastes, parrots now color the rooftops and rigging of almost every horizon settlement. Settlers occasionally comment how nice pigeons must have been since they could not speak.

Sheep – A staple herd animal, sheep are herded for their wool. Not especially prized for their perceptive intellect, the sheep do not seem to have even noticed the long voyage in stasis, or the drastic alteration of scenery.

Dogs – Man’s best friend was invaluable in colonizing the new world. They serve as watchdogs in the night, herding helpers during the day, and loyal companions on long journeys. The inexhaustible enthusiasm of canines keep spirits up like few other remedies could. The more decorative breeds did not make the voyage, leaving the work to hardier and sturdier breeds.

Foreign Flora and Far-Fetched Fauna Ferried From Faraway Fields

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