DawnHaven Wildlife

Or Fantastic Beasts and Where to Fight Them

To say that the flora and fauna native to DawnHaven is wondrous in variety would be an understatement. Comparably unassaulted by the industrial war engine that the continent suffered from, this new land holds many amazing creatures. But it should be noted that many of them are dangerous…

The Great Eastern Forest offers ample shade, but also ample shadows. The Vanarans chose the life upon the branches in part due to what stalk the forest floor. Any number of ambush predators stalk from the shifting shadows. The most common would be larger felines, but darker and sinister forces can be fount as well. Arboreal drakes, and occasionally dragons, find burrows that suit their needs. Deep in the forest, even at high noon there’s little sunlight that reaches the forest floor. Here animals often make their own light, or learn to do without entirely. Adaptations found otherwise only in deep sea nets are rumored to have been seen here. Luminous butterflies flutter between the trunks, looking like swimming constellations.

The green waves of the windswept grasslands, by contrast, are bathed in sunlight from dawn til dusk. Outside monsoon season, clouds are rarely more than decorative in the sky this far inland. A great many flying animals soar over the plains, predator and prey alike. Giant birds, dragons, and stranger things float on the wind. Bulette’s leave tilled earth in their wake, and track the herd beasts by their vibrations through the earth.

On the shorelines, the tide reveals and hides treasure for many creatures. Crabs, starfish, and more lie buried in the sand waiting for something to wander too close. The shallow waters show tell-tale fins for aquatic predators looking to drag away anyone who can’t swim.

As grass gives way to roads, and forests give way to villages, larger beasts become rarer. Sightings of malicious trees or hungry drakes are decreasing, but not so unheard of that the possibility of danger has disappeared form citizens minds. Smaller creatures however have moved into the cities and become their own infestation. Disgusting and filthy abominations lurk in sewers and trash pits, and tiny eyes peer out from under houses and bridges waiting for scraps of food. To say nothing of course of the most dangerous monster in the land, other men and women.

Scattered across the land are ruins whose origins lie shrouded in mystery. Creatures that spend time in or near these ruins are gradually changed by the magical energies flowing from them. The rare specimens that have been collected by Arcane colleges shed little insight into the phenomena, as the changes fade and the creature expires. They have determined it is sufficiently different from what would be called a “dire” animal to give the condition it’s own title: “ruined”. Sea monsters that inhabit the waters near the Stormwall show similar changes to ruined monsters, suggesting some connection between the two.

The Mahi-Tahi have domesticated creatures that suit their needs, most notably their pack animal: the tamaha. Tamahas are slow but strong and can carry or pull a significant amount of weight. They weren’t very cunning in the wild, and selective breeding has not improved their intelligence. The creatures are dull witted and docile. Tamaha’s are omnivores and will eat almost anything they are presented with.

DawnHaven Wildlife

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