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The First Adventure - Waeslyn's Journal

From the Journal of Waeslyn the Widestepper, Mure the Sixth

I regained my sense of direction after phasing through the rock to hear Woomera immediately warning of other figures. I uncorked my Ioun Torch to reveal a pair of characters I would quickly learn were named Maarus and Calder. Maarus is some kind of wandering sheriff who knew Xand from a long time ago, whereas Calder is some kind of student. He hasn’t been forthcoming with his details, though I realize now I haven’t asked. After a brief discussion, we realized that our goals were the same, and cooperation came naturally to us. We dispatched a pair of ruined crabs that seemed incredibly out of place in the caves. I’m not sure what they were eating or doing there, but between the four of us (despite Calder being quick to get grabbed), we made relatively quick work of them. Deciding to follow down the carved stairs we found near the crab that attempted to drag off Calder, we found Xand after fighting our way through a pair of quasi-immaterial creatures that I’ve decided to call Dream-Walkers. Xand himself was leashed by some kind of strange tether to a larger Dream-Walker, which we dispatched only to see the tether grotesquely withdraw into Xand’s skull. Long term repercussions still unknown for that.

With Xand dispatched but alive, we secured him in the room nearest the stairs while I pressed ahead to find a room with shadowed figures guarding an altar, the likes of which we’d seen before. Previously, we’d seen orbs filled with some kind of sand, but this one had an intact gem. Xand had been muttering about destroying things and stopping “them” and other nonsense, which hopefully Mourianis can fix. But we nevertheless found the altar defended by a crowd of shades, different than the Dream-Walkers but still shadowed in something balking at reality. They spoke to me, calling me things I would rather not be remembered for, begging help against some “him / it” figure that would bring ruin, destruction, and “past,” whatever that means. My mind still spins when I think too hard about it. Luckily Maarus had a stiff drink in what I initially thought was a holy symbol. We secured the glassy orb with a small crystal inside it. Calder seems confident that the crystal would fit inside of Xand’s necklace, however, I am unsure that breaking the orb and putting it in that necklace is a good idea. However, we are now making camp before heading into Free Waters proper. It is my hope we can make heads or tails of the account of Xand, and what happened. In addition, I am eager to get to a settlement where I can get a bottle of hard liquor and contemplate what in the name of the Eight just happened.

Session 1.1
In Which Our Heroes Meet

A city kid with dreams of adventure set out on the road to find his destiny, and promptly jumped at the opportunity to assist a sheriff in bringing a dangerous outlaw to justice.

To the south, a well traveled gnome happened upon a wyvaran deep in meditation and accidentally formed a curious partnership.

Overcoming distance, language, and sheer chance, these four strangers found themselves together at the entrance to a long forgotten place. The cave was dark and damp, eerily silent. Magical trinkets and spells illuminated the natural cavern, and introductions were made. Finding out that all four were here on similar goals, a partnership was formed. Pressing deeper, the party was assaulted by warped creatures; strange dark crabs barred their way. Though Calder and Woomera were wounded, the crabs were defeated. Calder easily undid the harm, and with everyone prepared as best they could be, they pressed further downward. natural cavern walls gave way to a worked stone tunnel that spiraled down into the abyss.

The stairs led them to a small ruin, buried deep in the ground. The large room contained a strange altar with curious fixtures inside. Within the room as well were two apparitions of nebulous form and violent intent. Roaring a challenge, Woomera burst into the room and her companions followed their lead. Their foes soon dissipated, but before the party had a chance to catch their breath, a deafening boom reverberated through the halls.

Not knowing if they were walking into an ambush, the group carefully navigated the tunnel. Keen eyes spotted a gaunt man with a smoking pistol standing next to a much larger apparition. Recognizing their quarry, they burst into the room demanding his surrender. The outlaw Xand had a mysterious tether of ethereal energy connecting his head to the apparition. Faking his surrender, the outlaw produced a hidden pistol and fired upon the sheriff when he came near. Woomera and Maarus quickly incapacitated him before dispatching the apparition. Xand was manacled, and revived by Calder’s healing magic. Through his ravings the group pieced together a possible guess as to what was occurring here. In this room was a second altar with a second broken glass orb held within.

A final hallway lined with animate crystals barred their way, but as Xand was removed, the crystals retracted, almost welcoming the visitors. What awaited them inside would come to shape momentous events soon to come. Apparitions altogether different from those previously encountered flanked an intact altar. As the group entered with weapons drawn and apprehension aplenty, more of them silently appeared. All at once they spoke in a language no so much heard as felt, but understood with effort. They spoke cryptically of dire need and coming disaster before departing and leaving the final intact crystal to the four. Some seemed visibly shaken, others were curiously upbeat about the revelation.

The four collected their captive and exited the cave. As they made camp for the night, Woomera’s magical boon abandoned her and she was once again limited to languages of her people. Fortunately Calder was well read and was able to act as an interpreter. As dawn broke and the party headed towards FreeWaters, their last sight of the previously haunted crags saw nature returning to the land.

Session 1.2
In Which Justice is Served

The four adventurers emerged from the cave and made their way back to town with their captive. As before, they were met at the outskirts by the Sheriff and his deputies. After a tense exchange, they transferred the prisoner to his care and were given entry to the town of FreeWaters.

Haste was made for the Aftcastle, the only Tavern / Inn within FreeWaters. Louby welcomed the return of Maarus and his young ward, but took convincing when Woomera’s presence loomed across his bar. Ultimately the promise of gold, even foreign gold, won him over and lodging was obtained for all. His young son was extremely interested in these adventurers, his wife extremely interested in their departure.

Calder accompanied Woomera about town to acquire the services of a craftsman. Or craftswoman as the case may be. She was commissioned to alter Woomera’s portion of Xand’s bounty to fit her coin ropes.

Mourianis was introduced to the group in full and listened with rapt enthusiasm to the tales of their delve. He was able to verify that there was some disconnect in the time they experienced and the outside world. Curiosity overcame caution, and they extracted the crystal from its glass container. Coming to life, the animate gem appeared to form some arcane bond with Calder.

Mourianis convinced the Sheriff to release the body of Xand to him for study. It was agreed that although it would accelerate his demise, Xand was awoken to be asked about his recent experiences. He spoke to his one time friend Maarus in morbid delirium of maps, dreams, and nightmares. After only a few responses, Xand passed away, and Maarus saw his one time friend finally find peace.

Mourianis gave rough approximations of other locations he knew of that might contain similar ruins. The group was uncertain which, if any, of the destinations was the best choice. They collectively decided to sleep on it. It was possible, they thought, more prophetic dreams might be brought upon them. And if not, they’d at least have a full night’s sleep to make their minds up.

Freewaters - Waeslyn's Journal

From the journal of Waeslyn the Widestepper, Mure the Ninth

We camped the evening as planned in the canyons near the hide out. Xand’s condition was slipping fast, and with Mourianis hoping to get a look at him, I insisted we make some amount of haste. Woomera secured him with a rope harness to Iument and by around noon we’d made our arrival at Free Waters. Upon handing Xand over to the sheriff, I took off with haste to inform Mourianis of the developments, then joined Maarus in the Aftcastle for a drink. We had to smooth a few things over, largely related to the town’s reaction to housing Woomera for the evening. This all culminated in a series of questions posed to Xand, which led Calder to input the crystal to the necklace. The ‘map’ seemed to create tendrils of light that stretched to a constant elevation. I couldn’t make out what they might indicate, but we determined that we would do best to investigate other ruins in hopes of finding more crystals. The option to travel to the Islands to the East, the Great Eastern Forests, and the Western Plains lay before us, but none of us had a strong inclination. Ultimately, we decided to sleep on it. Hopefully Woomera and Calder will have one of their weird dreams of contact with the Dreamfolk to offer some direction…

Below is a sketch of two figures in fog, and brief charcoal sketches of the faces of Calder, Maarus, Woomera, Xand, and the Necklace/Map. The facing page has simple schematics of Maarus’s revolver, with gnomish marks about where small improvements might be made in similar future models.

Session 1.3
In Which Plans are Made

After a rest to collect themselves, The group slowly roused to the smell of delicious country breakfast. A brief discussion amongst members did not conclude there to have been any great meaning to their individual dreams. After starting the day off with a hearty meal, their host offered to take them on a tour of the more interesting sights in FreeWaters. The town was bustling to prepare for the upcoming Games, and the activity was not lost on the visitors.

Mourianis was excited to learn if any of them had been visited by the Dream-Walkers, but appeared not overly surprised to learn that they made no such appearance. He had developed several theories about the amulet but none of his methods produced results. The idea of sleeping whilst wearing the amulet was floated, and Calder offered that he would try it that night.

Unless his sleep produced both direction and urgency, it was agreed by the group that participating in the upcoming games might lend a much needed influx of coin to sponsor their upcoming trek. Deals were made with local suppliers, and each member signed up for the events they felt most confident in. Woomera, given her imposing appearance was disallowed from competing in the wrestling event however.

Free Waters Fun and Games - Waeslyn's Journal

From the journal of Waeslyn the Widestepper, dated Mure 11, evening

Tomorrow, the games take place. I admit, I’m rather looking forward to the chance to compete. I’m not sure what these locals will have in store when it comes time to practice. I’ve run through the more intense of my old militia drills from my days with the Thunderhawks, and cleaning Cyhiraeth and tuning up her firing mechanism. She’s been tracing a bit far to the left, and I had to fix a slight over-flexing in the firing pin.

The rest of this page is taken up with schematics of a firing chamber with notes on mechanisms and pins, nothing a question about the viability of a mithril firing mechanism.

Leopold is working on getting us a map of the eastern islands, though I’m unsure we’ll get it before we depart. We’ve got a cart all set up for Iument when we need to make an overland trip. The Aftcastle has been a phenomenal place to stay, though I’m unsure how Maarus is able to drink as much as he does. I’ve seen men put away quite a bit of liquor in my day, Maarus might even give Baldrik a run for his money. I’m still not sure what to make of Woomera, but she’s been loyal and honest with us. I wonder if her people have a concept of deception yet? Perhaps the thought didn’t occur to her.

Calder has had a dream with the medallion/map affirming our decision to go west. I think. I’ve never taken dreams particularly seriously, so this process of regarding them for guidance is bizarre. But Mourianas vouches for their validity, and since both Woomera and Calder share them, perhaps there’s something there. I’m hoping we can figure out a plan more concrete than just waiting for inspiration to strike, but I suppose it isn’t that different than waiting for command to pass down written orders. Sometimes it seems just as logical, too. I wonder how Drake has put up with that for the last couple years. I ought to send him a letter one of these days.

The bottom left quadrant of the page is taken up with a sketch of a coat of arms with a hawk holding a rifle in one talon and three thunderbolts in the other. There are a collection of initials around it.

Session 1.4
In Which Competition is Fierce

After a night of restful sleep, the party made their way to the competition grounds to participate in the Games of Mure. Each adventurer had chosen the event or events they felt most confident in. Each prepared in their own way. Waeslyn Methodically cleaned his rifle, Maarus topped off his stores of liquid courage, Woomera inspected the competition javelins, and Calder sought some peaceful time for personal focus.

The first event to be held was the foot race, and of the party only Maarus had chosen to compete in the event. Early on in the race, his sense of fair play pointed out to the other competitors a disguised pitfall that could have caught less wary athletes. As they raced about the twists and turns up the hill, the race was neck and neck going into the final stretch. In a stunning turn of events, the runner with whom Maarus was tied repayed his earlier warning, alerting Maarus to a last hidden pitfall. His jump brought him into the finish line first to roaring applause. Elated at the challenging competition, the runner-up rewarded Maarus with a tight bear hug.

After a period to allow for the crowd to migrate and judges to prepare, the battery of marksmanship competitions began. Arrows were nocked to bows as the archery targets were placed. Calder showing unprecedented skill (and uncharacteristic paranoia of his competition) repeatedly out shot the others, including Waeslyn who admitted that firearms were more his specialty.

In what will likely be the most talked about event of the games, the Javelin portion of the marksmanship competition saw Calder and Woomera compete. This was hardly a competition however, as Woomera demonstrated undeniable superiority over the rest of the athletes. One gnome in particular did manage to place a javelin on target at great distance during the event however, earning the notice of Woomera for his skill.

As powder was poured and pellets packed, the straw targets were replaced with flat steel plates to signal the beginning of the rifles portion. Waeslyn took steady aim and, using his years of training, struck the center mark time and time again. Even before the last of the smoke cleared from the firing line it was clear that he had secured victory in the event.

Int he local favorite, the quickdraw competition rounded out the marksmanship gauntlet. Bottles were placed on the fence opposite competitors and Maarus and Waeslyn took their places on the firing line, along side the rest of the duelists including one Deputy Dirk. Waeslyn’s expertise with firearms was focus on careful shots to ensure a successful hit, and as such he was not as reflexive to crack shots as quickly as he was accurately. As the bullets flew and bottles shattered, the competition was whittled down to just two combatants, Maarus and Dirk. Maarus throughout the competition had shown lightning reflexes as had Dirk. However on the final shot Dirk’s pistol jammed giving the win to Maarus.

The party enjoyed the attention (for the most part) and basked in their wins as they enjoyed the wrestling portion that none of them had chosen to compete in. Although in Woomera’s case she was actually prevented from entering. The runner who had encased Maarus in a bear hug was eliminated in the quarter finals, and Abigale the blacksmith suffered a ring out in the semi-finals. The final bout between two huge brawlers devolved into a slugging match with the end being decided by a devastating right hook.

On the award podium, the winners were called one by one to receive their prizes. Woomera was loathe to part with her weapons, but issued orders to Milvin to give out personal rewards on her behalf to certain competitors. Maarus remained of anonymous origin, but Waeslyn was inexplicably shaken by his name being announced. There were murmurs during his time on the podium that paled in comparison to the split uproar when Woomera accepted her reward.

Calder departed from the festivities early fielding no shortage of offers to spend the night with impressed fans. Waeslyn sought some personal time to collect his thoughts as the others stuck around the fair grounds. As he returned to town he was accosted by thugs who wished to recoup their betting losses on he an his “pet monster.” Waeslyn’s upstanding code disallowed him to resort to violence against them and did his best to de-escalate the situation. As Woomera and Maarus arrived to the sound of his warning shot, the mob quickly demoralized.

At the turning point, Dirk stepped out of the shadows, pistol drawn. He made a show of blaming the three for rigging the games, and implied he would not mind settling the score with Maarus with working guns as he approached. But one he was in arms reach of the two brutish ringleaders, he quickly altered his demeanor and placed them both under arrest. With the situation resolved they returned to the Aftcastle and thoroughly depleted their stock.

The Games

From the Journal of Waeslyn the Widestepper, dated Mure 10

Still in a bit of a state from the drinking after the games. Happy with my placement; got the top spot in rifles, and third in both archery and pistols. Earned a handsome 1200 gold pieces for my trouble, as well. We are determining our future route soon. By the Eight, what I’d give for some willowbark to chew right now. Drank a little more than I meant to after Mourianis announced me using a surname instead of a title. Saw some people recognize the name, which was unfortunate. Good thing we are taking off before too long. I’m always ready to leave before too many people start putting pieces together. Anonymity is a rare currency, and one I’d like to stay rich in.

Several ruffians were ready to accost Woomera for her place in the contest, but I managed to meet them before she got there. My warning shot (full disclosure; that may have meant to be a crippling shot and my hand shook to make me miss) alerted deputy Dirk to the clamor, and before long Maarus and Woomera were there as well. Luckily, no fatalities from the night, save perhaps my dignity. I hope I didn’t make too much of a scene after blacking out, though it’s been a while since I had something to authentically celebrate. And taking the edge off is always good.

There is, on the facing page, a table as if from a ledger, with goods and expected costs. These sums tables have many things with question marks, mostly as relate to the amount of alcohol to provide for Maarus or how much Calder eats on a regular basis. The table with expected costs for feeding Iument is incomplete, rubbed clean near the bottom, and finished with a sketch of Iument instead of a sum.

Session 1.5
In Which Wheels are Set in Motion

Knowing they had a long journey ahead of them, the group assembled at the general store run by the gnome Leopold to stock up for the road ahead. Leopold supplied, in addition to the custom built wagon, a variety of travel rations and repair supplies. Calder in particular purchased several unique items, much to Leopold’s joy. Woomera and the rest of the party bartered with the smith Abigale for a magic spear she had been saving as well. They spent one final night at the Aftcastle, thanking their hosts for being so accommodating, and enjoying what might be their last night in comfortable beds for some time. They did at last witness a victory in the ongoing battle for intoxication among the dueling gentlemen ever present in the bar’s corner table.

The next morning, they set of bright and early with all their supplies loaded into the wagon. Near midday, when they were already some distance from FreeWaters, a mysterious sound was heard coming from inside the wagon. Investigation revealed that the barhand boy Milvin had stowed away in the cart, eager to live his own adventure. There were significant protestations among the group, but in the end he was allowed to accompany them, if only on a provisional basis. Woomera, perhaps because she was the only member of the group already experienced raising children, seems to have been most involved in making sure the lad pulls his weight. And owing to a life of early labor and long hours at the inn, he does not significantly grouse about any chore he is asked to do. He is not the greatest chef in DawnHaven either, but whether or not they are willing to admit it, he has far more experience preparing food than most of them do.

As Waeslyn explained the hazards of approaching a very Xenophobic town at a crossroads, the party agreed to take a loner path to the south. As they began to look for suitable campsites that evening, they came upon one already settled. When they got closer to investigate it was revealed that there was a lone traveler, recently slain. Tracking the assailants found them crouched behind nearby boulders waiting for the party to pass them by. They were a small band of Mahi-Tahi, and viscous fighting ensued. After a bloody battle, the box they had stolen was retrieved. Their leader, or at least the largest among them, barely survived and was bound against the tree to be questioned if he awoke. The body found to be a Whistler by the name of Cragaughn Thoroughvein was laid to rest with honors by Maarus, as were the Mahi-Tahi by Woomera. As they dismantled the traveler’s cart for firewood, several interesting items were found stashed inside.


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