Frontier Dreams

Session 2.12
Enemies Glimpsed Afar

Having completed their preparations, said their goodbyes, and restocked their provisions, the adventuring party once again set forth into the frontier. Nogaro and Ako spent the first several days of the journey getting accustomed to their traveling partner’s rhythms and mannerisms. Asmund was extremely interested Mary’s newfound skill in animating miniature poppets, and commissioned one of his very own right away. Given how much he pored over the customization, it seemed likely he would continue to add alterations as the group continued around the world.

Once a day, Mary reserved time to set down and concentrate upon the quill left behind by the imp to scry on it’s location. At first they glimpsed only the cage, but by varying the time of the spell, they gained more information. They found the creature to be within Trinity Bay, under the service of a half elf woman with auburn hair, brown eyes, and expensive taste in jewelry. Mary’s specialty was not in divination however, and she was never able to focus any detective spells past the sensor. When the imp’s unknown task for the new master was completed, they witnessed her dispatch the thing with a simple gesture as though it were as effortless as breathing to her. Deciding not to alert a competent magic user that they had been scrying, they decided not to further use the spell after the imp was gone.

When their path took them near to the undefined border of the wild and untamed Trembling Hills, they came upon a wagon with two unfortunate viskanya who had fallen prey to large predators roaming far. The party ended the threat to future caravans with exceptional ease, and laid the unfortunate souls to rest. The bodies were not even cold before Mary set about harvesting large skulls and other bones.

The party crossed the winding canyon through the gateway outpost of Ruohua. The guards there were not amused at what they presumed to be tall tales of the group’s exploits, and bid them safe travels as they left Mahi Tahi territory.

As they returned to the cave where they had confronted Sanguinis, they could already set up a contingent of the Dragon’s Shadow. They had arrived much earlier and already were well underway into the restoration of the vessel. Head researcher Kanari explained in detail the dangers inherent in using it’s teleportive abilities before completely repaired, but Ako offered up a solution she was sure would be a challenge she was up to. After sorting out some logistics, it was agreed they would divide into three smaller groups and arrive several days each apart at the outpost of Stormwatch, south of Trinity Bay. Although he made good tactical sense of the decision, Koorie made no effort to hide that he also enjoyed this decision giving him an opportunity to again enjoy the embrace of his mate.

Session 2.11
The Knife Falls North

After a long and grueling day full of momentous events, the party wearily returned to Blind Magda’s inn and promptly enjoined a well earned rest. Not so exhausted that they would forgo their morning rituals, Koorie, Kailen, and Koapani arose with the sun to start the day off. While scrounging for the meager breakfast laid out for them, Koorie spied some mail that had arrived. He was provided with pamphlets to be filled in regarding his impending guest sermon, and Kailen’s presence was requested at the Mahi-Tahi gunsmith that morning. Whilst they inspected their packages, Koapani went to the stables where a confused Itikoa was waiting.

It seemed that Tangata had come down with a wild predator’s case of cabin fever from growing steadily and being pent up in a small stable stall. Easily following the trail left behind by his passing, Koapani and Kailen found him in the middle of a quickly dispersing crowd next to a lizardfolk woman clad in traveling leathers. She introduced herself as a recent graduate, with honors, from a prestigious magical academy in Kotahitanga. Acquisition and application of knowledge was her main drive, but when she brazenly stated she was to become the next Warchief of the Mahi-Tahi, Koapani was briefly taken aback. When he explained he too shared that goal, the two struck a chord, and she took it upon herself to travel with her newfound rival, whom she found so agreeable.

Kailen meanwhile returned to the gunsmith who had taken his crafting pointers to heart. Kailen noted that while he was still behind the foremost gunsmiths of the Alliance, Putol was quickly advancing firearms for his people and quickly narrowing the gap between the empires. To thank Kailen for his assistance, Putol wished to immortalize him on his new storefront logo, a curious artistic method he had inventively called the gunograph. Not warning him ahead of time, Putol handed Kailen a rag to clean the pitch off as his assistants carted away the freshly blasted outline.

Back at the inn, two representatives rom the mysterious order arrived and asked for Koorie. They gave him a trio of resumes selected by Sulat Agar with annotations from him on the side. The adventurers learned this order was called the Dragon’s Shadow, and operated as an independent intelligence organization furthering the interests of the Mahi-Tahi. Despite being polite and patient, the head of the order never really gained any trust from the group, which he actually noted to their credit admitting his position was inherently due that caution.

Koapani returned and confirmed the group had in fact encountered the teleporting vessel the Dragon’s Shadow had crafted, and gave them the location so that they might go there and begin to affect repairs. They deliberated on selecting the companion from the resume stack that would join them, and Koorie eventually returned to the High Temple to inform Sulat Agar that they had chosen in favor of diversity, and that the agent by the name of Nogaro from he Dragon’s Shadow would journey with them. Sulat Agar gave Koorie some vouchers for their hard work, and cleared his schedule so that he might attend his friend’s guest sermon before he departed.

Returning to the inn, Nogaro was less than ecstatic to learn of his new posting, but nevertheless swore to uphold his duty to his people. Blind Magda appeared to have some sort of history with his organization, but the matter was not pressed by anyone present. As they planned their next move, one final trip to the high temple secured the party a scrying mirror to increase their ability to pursue the elusive foe. The divination ritual revealed that the messenger imp that had fled the temple before Vitrius attacked was lounging in a birdcage enjoying some snacks. They were able to hear a series of bawdy tavern songs in the background however, that led the group to believe the imp was in a bordello within one of the Horizon Alliance’s two largest cities.

After a rousing sermon delivered to the mixed people inside the first makeshift Church to MoeMare by Koorie, the party once again gathered their travel kits and refreshed their rations for the road. Stronger, smarter, and accompanied by new allies they set off northward to continue the pursuit of the remaining hidden agents in service of the Maggot King.

Session 2.10
Vitrius, Prince of Knives

The group made their final hasty preparations on the rooftop of the Tower of Catastrophe. Aphos summoned forth a divine implement whilst Mary again altered the bones of her companions. Kailen took cover behind the railing and rechecked the sights upon his musket. Asmund and Koorie stood defiantly in the open, waiting for a challenger to appear.

Fire to arrive was Zul Bhasir, the youngest and newest of the priests in the 1st Circle, devotee of the Dragon. He pleaded with Aphos to change his mind and avert the course of action that led to heresy. Aphos remained determined, however. When Zul Bhasir warned Aphos that he was capable of rendering him incapable, Aphos struck first and blasted Zul Bhasir with powerful magic.

From the air, Pell and two other wyvarans, witnessed this and mocking sneered that this was the proof they needed to convince the council Aphos was in fact the traitor. All he had to do was punish the “impostor” and remove the trespassing foreigners to secure his illusion. Realizing that this was undoubtedly the villain, Aphos called forth a furious storm to deny his foes the sky.

Without delay, the adventurers lept into action. Kailen initially had trouble correcting for the powerful winds, but landed a grazing shot on the flanking servant. Pell’s monstrous form rained down razor sharp blades across the battlefield, the wounds left behind slowly trickling blood. Koorie had no shortage of divine energy to include in the fight, but Pell had spent so much time masquerading as a priest he’d apparently built up some resistance.

Eventually the howling winds brought the flying combatants to the ground the tide of the battle shifted instantly. Kailen finally calibrated his gun and quickly dispatched on of the flunkies with a clean head-shot. Koorie’s fiery breath felled the remaining one. And distracted by the foreigners combined assault, Pell left an opening in his defense allowing Aphos to pierce him through the heart, ending his treachery once and for all.

With the uproar caused by the battle, the guards had begun to race up the stairs. Koorie amplified his voice to assure them everything was under control. Before long, the remaining members of the council arrived and Aphos surrendered himself to their judgement. Although he had ultimately acted in defense of the order, his methods remained deplorable to his companions. The argument was ended prematurely when the High Priest arrived to render the matter irrelevant, and set the stage for his successor. He granted the adventurers access to a very reserved ritual that left the remaining priests stunned.

As they slowly returned to the mixed quarter, the group was still coming to terms with everything that had transpired. Kailen’s hawk had caught a lead as to the next location of their foes. Koorie spoke with Sulat Agar privately about acquiring assistance from the temple. A dutiful father swore himself to Koapani’s service for the rescue of his son. It looked like the group would soon be departing Kotahitanga to return to the frontier. But not just yet. Koorie had a sermon to deliver.

Session 2.9
Fouled Hands and Profaned Priests

In order to return the children as quickly as possible to their waiting families, it was decided the group would split up to cover different sections of town. Koorie would handle the areas near the high temple, Koapani would revisit the mixed quarter, Asmund would venture East into the deepest urban area, Mary would visit the upscale housing, and Kailen would venture to the cramped houses surrounding the parks.

The guard on duty waited just long enough for his shift to end before making the party’s progress the problem of a familiar and unfortunate lizardfolk. Koapani took the time to offer helpful, if insulting, guidance to his men before they parted ways. When he deposited Nodomoro to the players, Koapani politely declined a permanent position on their team as captain. And when he revisited the home of Jujindo, the father inquired about his place of lodging so that he might meet him later.

Kailen first reunited the homeless child with his friends, with some gold to improve his condition. When the two other children were taken to their homes, their guile also caused Kailen to give up yet more coin. Mary and Asmund received many a strange glare, but thanks to their cloaks and papers of official status they were able to navigate more or less unimpeded.

When Koorie finally arrived at the home of Tungama, the chosen child, he allowed the family a brief and heartfelt reunion. During this time he collected his adventuring companions and together they escorted Tungama to the High Temple. Having previously been warned of their approach, the guards allowed the foreigners inside.

There before a council composed of all the remaining high masters of the 1st Circle, they explained in laborious detail the events of the past days. Suspicion and tension were palpable, as each party seemed ready to leap at another during the meeting. To avoid an unfortunate brawl, Aphos of Catastrophe suggested a recess whilst he prepare a last ditch spell with dire consequences. Realizing that this would be the perfect opportunity for the foe to ambush him, Koorie offered the aid of himself and his friends in setting a trap to catch the impostor.

As they arrived at the top of his tower, they plotted to set traps and prepare. They knew that the foe who was approaching was powerful and cunning, and they planned to spare no effort in his capture. The question of bringing him in alive or dead was raised to mixed response. Ultimately, it would be decided during the coming battle.

Session 2.8
An Unconsciousness Closed Upon Itself

Proceeding without delay, the adventurers raced as a group to the slaughter house. Under cover of darkness, Mary examined the interior with magical senses. With the information previously gathered by Koapani and Kailen, she was able to locate the most likely entrance to the lair of the kidnappers. Standing just outside the sight of the patrolling guards, Koorie took to the air to better assess the defenses. Spying another of the abductor monstrosities crouched upon the roof, the option of a methodically silent approach vanished from his mind.

With a roar of fury, Koorie cast forth a fireball from the sky, instantly dispatching one patrol, and alerting the remainder that tonight judgement came for them. Seeing the fireball as the signal, the other adventurers rushed forward. Asmund, well at home in the dark, repeated caught the panicked guards by surprise and neatly separated them from vital organs. Koapani rode his fearsome steed directly at the slaughterhouse, no guard able to withstand the combined assault of tooth and club. And to underscore the cooperation between races, more so even than the fireball previous, the thunderous rapport of Kailen’s rifle felled any in his sights.

A single survivor from the meager guards failed to redeem himself of the reprehensible actions and he joined his comrades cold on the dirt. The haphazard attempt by the cabal to disguise the entrance with hay made no success in delaying the group’s progress downward. Beneath the hooks and dirt of the slaughterhouse, the rough hewn stairs led to a stone chamber well lit and filled with a grisly scene. Stood about a bloody pentagram were three more Mahi-Tahi clearly corrupted by devilish energies. And opposite the ominous figures, in piled cages, were the missing children.

Before even one word had escaped the mouth of the horror in charge the party fell upon them with righteous rage. In an attempt to buy time he commanded the mutations to dispose of the children and with dark magic he ensorcelled Koapani’s mind. Thanks to the foresight of Koorie, the otherwise hazardous venom of the corrupted vishkanya had no effect on the party. The small room quickly filled with the sounds of frantic combat. Koapani finally felled the creature before the enchantment temporarily rendered him catatonic. Mary with the air of her Kiwi spread magic over the area. And as the last monster tried to strike out towards a caged child, the child’s eyes rolled back in his skull and a great gout of draconic flame engulfed the attacker. Immediately afterward, the mysterious child passed out, breathing but exhausted.

The group immediately set about freeing and caring for the maligned youths. Food and healing magic were provided in abundance. On the corpse of the leader were found further incriminating pieces of evidence. As they placed the coterie of children on the various mounted beats they had along the headed back to town. Ont he way they encountered four members of the secretive order bearing the lunar sigil. With tired indifference, Koorie expressed his disappointment in their delay, only slightly mollified by the dispensation the group received from their offers.

As the group returned to town, weary but victorious, they had one last thing to do. The children were safe for the time being, but until the mastermind behind the scheme was brought to justice they could not rest.

Session 2.7
Devils from Dead Tongues

Koorie and Kailen remained in the heart of the metropolis well into the night. Eventually, they caught sight of their quarry, two strange beings creeping through the darkness. From their hidden perch, they waited until they were much closer and sprung the trap. Kailen let loose with a bow while Koorie wove a spell aura about himself. The two monsters turned on discovery and lept at the heroes. Quickly realizing that a quiet resolution was out of the question, they abandoned their quiet methods. Koorie let forth a gout of flame whilst Kailen let forth a roaring blast from his gun. One of the fiends collapsed dead on the roof, but the other closed to Koorie with poisoned claws. The cleric fought against the poison, but collapsed unconscious. As Kailen desperately rounded on the other stalker, two wyvaran struck from above, snapping the neck of the beast. After brief words, they collected the wounded kidnapper and departed, leaving the adventurers to deal with the quickly gathering commotion and dead body. With haste and papers, they hurried to the inn with the evidence.

Once the lot who remained behind awoke, they gathered in the stables to examine the monstrosity. Mary had prepared magics to forcibly extract answers from corpses. With her spell, they learned that the children were being kept in a slaughterhouse, and that they were taken at the behest of Vitrius: Prince of Knives. After the effect expired, Mary set about the task of learning further about their foe via dissection. She learned that this was once a vishkanya, corrupted by devilish magics.

Koapani and Kailen mounted up to survey the area’s slaughterhouses and see if any bore suspicious details. THe northern one boasted of a boom in business from one of the southern ones failing. Thinking this a clue, they tried tog et close to the slaughterhouse, but were stopped by guards. Finding that itself suspicious, they sent Bullet to scout, who told them there was a tunnel down to a space beneath the warehouse, and the tell tale scent of the unique poison the monsters used.

Koorie had a second meeting with a member of the enigmatic order, whose secretive goals seemed at least for now to align with the group. They exchanged information that each had learned from their independent interrogations, and Koorie learned that the mutant things tracked their targets by scent. He suspected that someone had treated the clothing of the priests form the 1st circle, causing them to unknowingly mark the children for abduction.

Asmund meanwhile, had a private conversation with the keeper of the inn, Blind Magda. Whatever they discussed seemed to frustrate him, but he had already formed new ideas before letting his mood sour. After all, he’d met their extraordinarily odd merchant again and acquired a useful pair of magic boots. Although he lacked the coin, they’d come to an alternate arrangement.

Once everyone was reconvened, it was agreed that they proceed to the slaughterhouse without delay. They would arrive in force and attempt to distract the guards whilst Mary divined exactly what lay beneath. Years of digging in shallow graves would prepare her for what she would find.

Session 2.6
Glimpsing Catastrophe

Regrouping at the Waygate that evening, the party discussed what they had already learned, and planned on how to proceed. It was agreed that Koorie and Kailen would press further into the city, while Koapani, Asmund, and Mary would interview the remaining families in the mixed quarter. Those among them who needed to so made careful consideration about which spells to ready for their respective destinations.

The trio who planned to explore the mixed quarter made their way to the home of another missing child, the vishkanya Nodomoro. Asmund had decided it was Mary’s turn to engage in conversation, much to her ire. An impromptu cover story of the two of them being starving runaways caused Koapani to find other ways to investigate. While he examined the adjoining yard, to two colonists came inside for a hot meal. Nodomoro’s mother had the house to herself, her husband having taken their other children to the relative safety of his in-laws near a military fort. IT seemed that the missing child had a penchant for hupo, the local sport. As they struggled to keep the food down, they left and met with Koapani who had found strange scratch marks implying something had climbed the house.

Before they could examine them, Mary’s kiwi alerted her that someone was watching them. As she pointed the mystery skulker out, Koapani and Asmund raced off in hot pursuit. Mary given her already frail form fell behind quickly in the chase. The pair followed the figure to a small basement. Her identity was concealed beneath layers of dull cloth, but neither Asmund nor Koapani sensed any hostility. Speaking simultaneously in their native tongue, she seemed to imply she was here to find the missing children. Now that she knew the adventurers were also trying to do so, she would help them. Aggravated at her cryptic speech they left her in the basement, finding Mary. She was much more interested in this strange person, and conversed at length with the one calling herself Nanakia.

Meanwhile, Koorie and Kailen donned their official garments with papers and traveled past the checkpoint into the heart of Kotahitanga, much to the chagrin of the captain on duty at the time. Enduring the angry glares from passerby’s, Koorie chose to investigate the missing child that was a homeless vagrant frequently seen in the Courtyard of the Fang. Offering food to any beggars who came, they eventually found two who claimed to know the missing child. While following them to the shelter, Kailen’s keen eyes noticed two elite solders watching them intently from the crowd, a familiar insignia on their armor. Apparently he had recently undergone a generous change in his behavior, and been visited by a high ranking priest. Kailen’s hawk detected faint traces of a poisonous scent near the barrel the vagrant had sheltered in during the night. Unable to locate the soldiers who had been watching them, they began to follow the trail to a locus where the trail split. The two of them planned to lay in ambush into the night, and sent bullet back to warn their friends of the delay.

The trio in the mixed quarter tracked down Nodomoro’s fellow Hupo players, and Koapani took the speaking lead this time. They were easily impressed by his size, and tried to convince him to join them. Koapani found their flippant irreverence aggravating, but persevered. He learned that Nodomoro as well had been displaying advanced character of late, much to the curiosity of his comrades. They also learned the nature of the high cleric that had visited him before his disappearance. Assuming the hooligans would be easy to find if they needed to again, they returned to the tavern, where Bullet was waiting with a message.
Asmund briefly tried to catch the bird to follow it to the stake out spot, but the others convinced him to let the bird go.

Session 2.5
Stolen Youth

Deciding to make all possible effort to enter Kotahitanga without complication, the adventurers made their way to a guard-post on the road pas the outskirts of town. Ushered inside under watchful guards, the captain informed Koorie that he was expected, and that a guest was awaiting a private audience in a meeting room. While he met with whoever had foreseen his arrival, the rest made uncomfortable small talk with the captain, who seemed to be in no mood for their antics. For all his primal adornments, Koapani blended in with the common citizens of Kotahitanga only slightly more than his colonial companions.

When Koorie emerged from his private interview he was visibly shaken. He urged the party to make great haste towards an inn where they could procure rooms and speak privately. They found discreet lodgings at the Waygate run by Blind Magda. Once inside and unpacked, Koorie explained that there had been a series of disappearances lately of children in the large city. The significance of these children was known only to a few, and their fate was vitally important. As their group was proven not to be related to the events, they had been granted unique clearance to act on behalf of the clergy to investigate this matter.

Because of Koorie’s foresight, the entirety of the stable was reserved for their various animals. Koapani removed his bone armor for the time being, but retained his weapons. Kailen acquired a simple dagger to have a holdout, just in case. They decided to split up to cover more ground, as the disappearances were already some days past.

Koorie and Kailen made their way into the mixed quarter towards the church that was attempting to find a way to open worship of Moemare to the colonials. On their way, they made haste to investigate the sounds of a gunshot. Kailen found there to be a lizardfolk by the name of Putol attempting to deconstruct and reassemble a simple musket. After some expert assistance from Kailen the firearm was back to functionality and the tinkerer seemed eager to learn more if the opportunity presented itself. Inside the church, the priest was clearly at the bottom of several hierarchies, and did everything he could to assist Koorie. Koorie offered some helpful advice to make the church more appealing, based on his time in Cape Hope. In return, the priest, named Hoaha, promised to make discreet inquiries about “those missing from our lives”.

Koapani, Mary, and Asmund meanwhile, wandered towards the nearest house on Koorie’s list to have had a child go missing. Along the way, they rehearsed a cover story taking advantage of the Mahi-Tahi’s unfamiliarity with dwarves to pass Mary off as a child. An adolescent Vishkanya answered the door, and Asmund barely managed to convince him he was lost. Playing the part of the novice salesman, Asmund used the guise of the candle sale to press the youth for information on his missing sibling. While he was distracted, Koapani and Mary examined the home, looking for possible methods the abductor could have used. Satisfied they had learned all they could from this location, they returned to the Waygate to confer with their companions about how to proceed.

Session 2.4
Thunder not of Sky

Departing the meeting housed the company of the village elders, the group made their way to a large house particularly adorned with impressive bones. On their way, they retrieved Koapani’s mount from the stables. The beast seemed truly eager to once again be with his master. Koapani boasted that this was his home, and a fair share of the trophies adorning it were by his hand. Hardly had they begun to deposit their traveling gear than the largest lizardfolk any of them had ever seen arrived. Hoised on her shoulder was a still dripping haunch of meat from a recent kill. Standing to her full height she announced herself as Akamai, and enthusiastically embraced her son.

Koapani, after extricating himself from her crushing embrace, introduced his traveling companions. Knowing next to nothing about the colonial peoples, Akamai was most visibly dubious about Koorie and his devout uniform. They were all invited inside to boast of their achievements and to decide next their course of action. Grand talk they shared long into the evening. Akamai stated that in the morning she was to hunt a great beast, and would greatly wish to see the prowess of those who were, in her mind, instrumental in her son’s ascension to chiefdom. Deciding that a single hunt wouldn’t overly delay their travel they agreed to join Akamai in the tracking something called a spotted thorntail.

Awakening early in the morning, they set off a few hours journey outside town to what Akamai had determined as the monster’s hunting grounds. t was described as an intimidation scavenger, a towering beast that simply scared off lesser predators to enjoy their kills. Setting out the bait, they had ample time to design their ambush. When The beast finally happened upon the meat laid out for it, immediately did it set about consuming the meat.

Koorie was the first to act. Emerging from his roost in a nearby tree, he channeled the draconic essence of his god into a dominating gaze. The beast’s fascination was focused on Koorie until his companions emerged as well and sprung the trap in full. Kailen found his back up bow unable to pierce the thick hide of the monster, and readied instead his rifle. Mary put to use her long hours of study in bone piles and hardened the bones of those who dared stand toe to toe with the predator. Asmund and Koapani used their greater mobility to encircle the monster while Akamai planted her feet and gave better than she got.

The roar from the thorntail deafened Koapani, but that did not slow him down, and did not phase Akamai. Unlike the roar from Kailen’s rifle, the first thin shown to have startled the warrior woman. As the beast began to comprehend the danger it was in, the predator flew into a desperate frenzy, charging through foes toward the one in the tree that dared challenge it with a roar. Kailen maintained his balance, but Mary suddenly found herself too close for comfort.

AS her companions raced to her side, barely a few heartbeats passed before they’d felled the mighty lizard. As the hunters set about gathering the head and other trophies, her companions were shocked to see Mary excitedly push her way deep into the chest cavity to rummage about inside the gore. Emerging absolutely covered in blood, she could not hide her glee at having retrieved several organs she would study at a later date. Returning to town with their prize, Akamai briefly departed to have the kill commemorated.

She returned later with tiny tokens full of the primal energy from the spotted thorntail, gifting one to each of her guests. As they recovered, the remainder of the day was spent looking forward. Asmund made his first sales pitch to the Mahi-Tahi, while Kailen continued to quietly curse as he calibrated his rifle. Koorie and Mary examined the strange leather scrolls found on the whistler, and planned to use their combined magic to decipher them.

As the group moved closer toward their ultimate goal, the capital of the Mahi-Tahi, Kotahitanga, one more surprise was waiting for them. A being introducing himself as a traveling merchant, appeared in otherwise barren surroundings, apparently drawn by the scent of unspent gold. Immediately suspicious of his intentions, the party was not especially interested in his offers. Asmund commissioned a pair of boots as a test of his skills before he vanished back to wherever he came from.

As the towering metropolis of Kotahitanga loomed on the horizon, a quiet unease built within them, that anything they had faced before paled compared to the challenges within those sacred walls.

Session 2.3
Hellish Tides to Hostile Hearts

As the group made their way to the exit from the cave, the groaning creak of wood returned their gaze to the mysterious vessel emerging from the cave wall. The figurehead appeared to be following whoever had the signet ring with it’s gaze. Donning the ring on his hand, Koapani saw points of light appear in the carved wooden eye sockets as the statue came fully to life.

Unable to recall his vessel’s full designation, the boat would provide no answers until a captain was present. Declaring himself captain, Koapani instructed it to explain its presence in this place. Apparently, the ship (whose name was the Glory of … something) was the first and grandest of its kind, meant to traverse between points instantaneously. COmmissioned by a secret group of Mahi-Tahi, it’s maiden voyage had resulted in the deaths of the crew, and it remained dormant here since.

After significant debate about their next destination, it was agreed by the group that the boat’s meager teleportation abilities could save them some time and transport them to Koapani’s birth village. Koorie gathered the blighted corpses of the zombies and burnt them on a holy pyre to restore their souls, whilst Mary made herself busy getting one last examination of the altered gnome’s body. Gathering their varied pack animals, the wooden figure head did it’s best to send them to the desired destination.

Perhaps wary of again entombing his crew in the earth, they appeared outside their destination by a half mile, and floating in the air. The height was not serious enough to cause significant injury, and gathering themselves, they made for town. Koapani announced his return via horn as they marveled at this most primal of places. The ground shook more frequently here, to the discomfort of some. Mary expressed true interest in the myriad skulls and bones lining many buildings in the village.

Although his mother was not present, Koapani did meet with the elders to summarize his discoveries so far. They were pleased to see that he had encountered people who were able to compliment his skills and bid him good luck on his newest hunt. They agreed to restock and recuperate in town before heading towards the Mahi-Tahi capital of Kotahitanga, and finding a way inside.


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