Frontier Dreams

Under the Waves, Part 1

From the Journal of Waeslyn the Widestepper

This journey has been harrowing in more than one regard. Luckily, the Alliance Navy was willing to provide us a means of transportation (for reasons I’m still not entirely clear on), but the waters are treacherous and the potential for death seems high. We scouted the oddly flat island pretty well, and found a familiar sensation near its center. Two by two, we were able to descend through the sand and end up in a cavern some ways beneath the ocean. I remain uncomfortable with the concept of drowning, and the pools of water her are doing little to assuage my fears.

We’ve encountered a few strange creatures already. Octopus as big as Woomera, touched by the taint of these ruins assailed us. I think I need to make some serious alterations to Cyhiraeth to make her work more effectively. I think I can alter her stock and ammunition load to take a rotating cartridge, much like would be found in a revolver, though I think it’d need to be in a smaller cartridge. I’m thinking I could make four, maybe five bullets work, though I’ll need to test a few different materials and shapes to make it all fit together…

A few sketches of possible alterations fill the margins.

The dream creatures have filled these caverns again, the stocky, nightmarish ones. I think we’re just calling them Nightmares now, though I think we can do better in terms of naming. They seem solid, perhaps a bit larger, and connected in strange ways that we don’t totally understand just yet. After dispatching them, and earning a few new scars to match those Manticore slashes from a couple weeks ago by now.

We did find an abandoned old chest with a skeleton. The chest was infernally jammed, though eventually it came open. There was a rather nice shield that I wouldn’t mind figuring out a use for, even if I don’t think I would wear it while firing Cyhiraeth. Upon finding a ring, however, Calder decided to activate the magic and switch places with its other wearer. Rather suddenly, another skeleton appeared as he vanished…



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