Frontier Dreams

Session 1.19

In Which a Debate is Settled

When they returned to Tahara’s secluded hut on the outskirts of the village, the party spent some time meeting his newborn daughter. For reasons not immediately revealed, she shared Calder’s curiously glowing green eyes. The pranks on their pack animals that had persisted i their absence ceased, although the youngsters continued to try to initiate new games with the adventurers. After a few days, messengers arrived from the heart of the forest with gifts from the Vanara people for each of them. After some initial confusion regarding what was meant for whom, they each spent some time getting adjusted to their new gifts.

The journey out of the forest was much less harrowing than the entry to it. Partially due to experience gained within, Tahara’s guidance, and a pervasive sense of hope emanating from the woods. After a heartfelt farewell to their host, they emerged from the dark green sea back upon the road north. Once they were sufficiently far from the forest, Calder confessed that he had taken what he believed to be poison as a precaution to protect the party. Only later did he learn that it was in fact medicine meant for the child. This was likely the source for his now glowing green eyes.

As they arrived at the agreed upon location for the new outpost, they saw a hastily constructed fort at the mouth of the inlet bay. The guards at the gate bid them welcome and ushered them inside, Waeslyn recognizing a familiar insignia hasted their approach to the main building. Woomera broke off to greet a small collection of Mahi Tahi that had come north from Kowiringa.

Inside the outpost, Three militia officers were in a heated debate about what to name the outpost. When they saw one of their comrades from boot camp had arrived they invited him to settle the debate. After a great amount of consideration from both sides, they eventually settled on the name of Stormwatch.

A brief tour of the post was given, and certain supply woes were oft lamented upon during it. Waeslyn took time to plant the various seeds he had acquired from the Great Forest, and Woomera saw about having some alterations made to her armor. Calder enjoyed the town’s lack of filled graves so far, and the temporary peace that came with that. Maarus was often consulted on matters of law as the outpost had not had a sheriff arrive yet. Aside their individual chores, the group enjoyed lending a helping hand until they departed for the next leg of their journey.



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