Frontier Dreams

Session 1.17

In Which New Roads are Traveled

After many long weeks of travel, the adventurers finally made it to the Great Eastern Forest. As they advanced deeper, the wildlife became more and more strange and the sunlight scarcer and scarcer. Light sources, magical and otherwise, were an almost constant necessity for some.

As the made camp under a larger tree near a clearing, they noticed a pair of larger bushes nearby. These bushes each had a mysterious singular piece of glowing fruit dangling from their branches. When Waeslyn got close enough to investigate, a pair of enormous beetles burst forth from the underbrush, the glowing fruit actually lures dangling from their shells.

A vicious battle ensued, with grievous wounds on both sides. Ultimately, the party managed to narrowly defeat the gargantuan insects, While they were tending to the wounded, Calder spied a figure observing them from the branches above. Woomera flew upward to investigate and was shocked to see another Wyvaran this deep into the forest.

He introduced himself as Tahara and after a brief aside with Woomera, agreed to take the party to the nearby Vanaran village he was lodging at. Against recommendations even the pack animals were brought to the treetop passageways, a significantly safer mode of travel than the forest floor he assured them. At his abode the party met two female lizardfolk, that had along with Tahara, been exiled from the Mahi-Tahi.

The following morning, they met the village’s chief, a shaman and medicine man by the name of Raftambo. What originally appeared as pervasive disregard turned out to be linguistic difficulties on his part learning the language. The party explained they had been led here by dreams, and he determined they seemed to be leading to the roots of Tane Mahuta. He emphatically tried to dissuade travel there, as no one returns from the roots of the great tree, but his warnings were ignored. He agreed to take them to the main dwelling of Vanara and they could speak to the leaders there to be granted access.



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